KimKim Korean hot SauceFlavor and fire are finally friends!

KimKim Korean Hot Sauce Wins 2012 Sofi Gold Award


Virginia Beach, VA – June 21, 2012 – What began as a kitchen concoction in a Korean-American home is now the Sofi Gold Award winner for the Outstanding Cooking Sauce or Flavor Enhancer category. This year’s Gold winners of the Sofi™ Awards – among the most coveted in the specialty foods industry – were announced at a red carpet ceremony in Washington, D.C. on June 18.

The sauce was described as having “a rich, authentic Korean flavor with a tangy, spicy kick that enhances the natural tastes of every dish … from mac and cheese and noodle dishes to scrambled eggs.”

Tim Ashman Steve Kim Tim Ashman and Steve Kim at the 2012 Sofi Awards

Steve Kim, whose Korean parents exposed him to Korean food from an early age, perfected the recipe in his kitchen in Richmond, Virginia. A year ago, he reconnected with an old friend, Tim Ashman, who is in the business of helping food entrepreneurs bottle and take their product to market through his company, Ashman Manufacturing and Distributing Company. They teamed up to produce the first run of KimKim Korean Hot Sauce in early 2012.

“This has been an amazing experience, and now to win the Sofi Gold is incredible,” said Kim. “I’m so excited to see what happens next with our sauce with the expert help of Tim and his team at Ashman.”

You'll find KimKim Korean Hot sauce in Harris Teeter (Virginia & Maryland), Taste Unlimited (Virginia), The Williamsburg Pottery (Williamsburg, VA), Feast (Charlottesville, VA), Whole Foods (Richmond, VA & Charlottesville, VA) and Bennett's Creek Farm Market (Chesapeake, VA).