from kitchen to market

How We Can Help

Ashman has invested the money, time and effort needed to ensure we are going above and beyond FDA compliancy and safety. You can count on our commitment to exceptional manufacturing and quality control in every stage of the process.

So you have a great recipe and you want to get serious about it. Congratulations! Whether you’re a professional chef, a restaurateur, or an individual who wants to go beyond making your “special sauce” for family and friends who clamor for it, Ashman Manufacturing & Distributing Company may be able to help.

Here’s How it Works:

For specific prices for the stages of this process, please contact us. It typically requires an investment of $8,000 to bring your product to the marketplace.

Here at Ashman, we are a full-service company and we can help you with every step necessary to make your product ready to sell on the market. Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you.